Pro Series Polarographic Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

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YSI 2003 Polarographic sensor for the Pro20, Pro20i, Pro1020, Pro2030, and Pro Plus instruments.

  • Overview

    Easy user-replaceable sensor allows for quick sensor replacements, if needed. No tools necessary.

    One-year sensor warranty.

    Uses convenient screw-on cap membranes making membrane changes simple and easy

    Model #2003 Part #605203

    Use with the Professional Plus and Pro20 instruments.

    Cables must be ordered separately.

    2003 sensor can be used on 60520 (DO), 6052030 (DO/conductivity), 6051020 (DO/ISE), and 605790 Quatro (DO/conductivity/ISE) cables.

    Comes with 5908 Cap Membrane Kit (1.25 Mil PE membranes).

  • Specifications
    Equipment used with Pro20, Pro20i, Pro1020, Pro2030, and Pro Plus instruments

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