EXO Link Adapter 2.0

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Integrate any EXO Sonde into an Existing 6-Series Platform

  • Overview

    The YSI EXO link is an adapter that interfaces with any EXO series sonde. The adapter integrates any EXO sonde into an existing 6-Series platform. The adapter fits in line with the EXO sonde on the end of a 6-Series cable.

    Features Include:

    • Compatibility with Vertical Profiler, Pisces Platform, All Buoy Systems, Fixed Data Collection Platforms
    • Neutrally buoyant
    • In-line strength member
    • Rugged PVC pressure case

  • Specifications
    Connector 6-Series BCR & EXO, 6 pin Impulse Style Pigtail
    Depth / Pressure Rating / Limit 100 Meters (328 ft)

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