Source, Raw & Drinking Water

Collect a baseline and get a better understanding of source & raw water

Data for Water Resource Protection

Water quality instrumentation is used for profiling and collecting baseline data to drive a better understanding of source water characteristics. In addition to monitoring long-term trends and changes in the water quality, continuous monitoring solutions can provide early warning to flag filter media changes, coagulant dosing, and process adjustments for incoming algae and turbidity events. By moving toward data-driven decisions, YSI instrumentation can improve efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Source water intake
Information based decisions support a durable water network.
Field instrumentation collects data at the source, allowing for immediate action based on storm and extreme weather events.  YSI multiparameter long-term monitoring sondes and SonTek velocity instruments characterize water quality providing managers with critical data about the health of a water network.

Understanding Source Water Changes

Source water profiler
Collect real-time data at multiple depths in drinking water columns. 

In addition to event monitoring, establishing baseline water quality standards has become increasingly important for protecting source water as it is affected by urbanization and agricultural changes.  Data collection over time is the key to understanding your source water, and it can lead to smart water management and informed decision making.