Unboxing the EXO NitraLED Nitrate Sensor

What Did You Get in Your NitraLED Kit?

NitraLED UV nitrate sensors and kits are rolling out and being deployed across the globe! In the video above, YSI Sales Representative Kyle Kaminski unveils a special package that was recently delivered.

Kyle ordered the NitraLED kit, which is comprised of several items that are key to a successful deployment on an EXO2 or EXO3. Do you know what else is needed? Check out our “Are You Ready” guide to find out. Listed below are the items that are contained within the NitraLED kit but can also be ordered separately.

NitraLED Sensor – This sensor is the new addition to the EXO family and allows freshwater users to continuously measure nitrate in addition to the other parameters measured by their EXO sonde.

EXO2/EXO3 Alignment Ring Kit – In order to keep all of the sensors aligned for proper wiping with the anti-fouling Central Wiper Brush, the Alignment Ring Kit is employed. The kit contains the Alignment Ring and o-rings for proper spacing of the sensors away from the central wiper and to keep the sensors taut during the wipe cycle.

EXO NitraLED Wiper Brush Kit – For the ultimate in anti-fouling protection, use this wiper brush. This specially designed wiper brush will clean both lenses of the NitraLED sensor while keeping your other EXO sensor faces clear of debris as well. This kit includes the wiper brush for the Central Wiper sensor, set screws, and a hex wrench.

Be sure to watch our tutorial video on NitraLED installation. YSI recommends a specific sensor arrangement for optimal performance from this new sensor. You can also read through the Installation Guide.

Please visit our NitraLED Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the sensor. For additional assistance, reach out to info@ysi.com or your local sales representative. Also, share your unboxing with us!! Tag us in your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn posts!

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