Which do I need, the YSI Pro2030 or ProDSS

Pro2030 vs. ProDSS ODO/CT Comparison

Measuring Dissolved Oxygen with a Conductivity Sensor for Real-Time Salinity Compensation

The YSI Pro2030 and YSI ProDSS (with an ODO/CT cable assembly) are water quality systems that measure dissolved oxygen (DO), conductivity (CT), barometric pressure and temperature. The conductivity sensors on these instruments allow for real-time salinity-compensated DO measurements, so they are ideal for measuring DO in applications where salinity varies such as - estuary, wetland, coastal, and aquaculture. The ProDSS with an ODO/CT cable features many advantages over the Pro2030. If you don’t know why, we're here to show you.


The Pro2030 and ProDSS are ideal water quality instruments when measuring in environments such as estuaries. 

Key Differences - Pro2030 and ProDSS ODO/CT 

YSI-Pro2030-Instrument.jpgDissolved Oxygen Sensor | The Pro2030 features an electrochemical DO sensor with a screw-on cap membrane that requires more frequent replacement and maintenance. The ODO/CT assembly on the ProDSS features an optical DO sensor. Optical sensors are more convenient because they require less maintenance with no membrane changes, no warm-up time, no electrolyte fill solution, and no stirring in the sample. The optical sensor is also more stable, requires less frequent calibration and has a better accuracy specification. 

Digital Technology | ProDSS sensors are auto-recognized, making instrument setup quick and easy. Sensors also store their calibration and serial number, providing extra data traceability. The digital signal of the ProDSS allows cable lengths up to 100 meters, while the analog signal of the Pro2030 limits cable lengths to 30 meters. In short, the ProDSS utilizes smart sensors with digital technology vs. analog signal technology. 

Data Management | The Pro2030 handheld features a basic memory (50 data YSI-ProDSS-ODO-CT-Instrument.jpgsets) and it cannot be connected to a PC. The ProDSS handheld features a large memory (>100,000 data sets) with an extensive site list and Data ID tag capabilities. KorDSS PC software is included with the ProDSS for easy data management and instrument configuration. Note: a 2030 cable can be used with the Pro Plus handheld which features PC connectivity and larger memory (5,000 data sets) than the Pro2030 handheld.

USB | The ProDSS features a USB On-The-Go connector for PC connection, recharging/powering the ProDSS, and sending data directly to a USB stick.

GPS | The optional GPS on the ProDSS ensures data is tied to the correct location and serves as an additional tool when analyzing data. • Rechargeable battery | The ProDSS is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, while the Pro2030 utilizes alkaline C-cell batteries.

Advanced Display | Unlike the basic Pro2030, the ProDSS features a color screen with a backlit keypad for use in any lighting condition. Data can also be viewed graphically during data collection and calibration.

Handheld Features Pro2030 ProDSS
Waterproof - IP67 X X
Drop Rated (1 meter) X X
Salinity Compensation for Increased DO Accuracy X X
Built-in Barometer for Increased DO Accuracy X X
Built-in GPS Optional
PC Connectivity X
Built-in 'Help' Function X
Languages 4 12
Auto Stable Feature X X
Backlit Display X X
Backlit Keypad Glow in the dark X
Graphic Display X X
Color Display X
Graphing on Display X
Memory 50 data sets > 100,00 data sets
Battery Type C-size alkalines (2) Rechargeable lithium-ion
Handheld Warranty 3 years 3 years

Cable Features Pro2030 ProDSS
User-Replaceable Cable X X
Metal, Mil-Spec Cable Connector X X
Cable Lengths 1-30 m, various lengths available 1-100 m, varius lengths available 
Cable Warranty 2 years 2 years

DO Sensor Features Pro2030 ProDSS
User-Replaceable Sensor X ODO/CT probe and cable assemblies feature built-in sensors; 4-port ProDSS cables feature user-replaceable smart sensors
Sensor Technology Membrane Covered Optical Luminescent
Membrane Cap Cap None, optical sensor cap
Warm-Up Time 5-10 minutes for polarographic, non for galvanic None
Stirring Requirement 6 in/sec with yellow cap, 3 in/sec with blue cap None

0-20 mg/L: +0.2 mg/L or 2% of reading

20-50 mg/L: +6% of reading

0-20 mg/L: +0.1 mg/L or 1% of reading

20-50 mg/L: +8% of reading

Range 0-50 mg/L 0-50 mg/L
Response Time (T-95)

8 seconds with yellow cap,

17 seconds with blue cap

45 seconds without flow over the sensor

22 seconds with flow over the sensor

Sensor Warranty 1 year polarographic, 6 months galvanic 2 years


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