Laboratory Instruments and Electrodes for pH, ORP and ISEs with YSI TruLab

Since we've launched TruLab, our newest line of laboratory pH, mV, and ISE instruments and we hope you've been able to familiarize yourself with them. With all the new instrumentation options available, we wanted to provide you with an even deeper look at the YSI TruLab Series and some reference guides to help you understand which instrument is the best for you.

The YSI TruLab line includes five benchtop meters for measuring pH, mV/ORP, temperature, and/or ion selective electrodes (ISEs). The pH electrodes are designed to meet the requirements of a wide variety of laboratory applications. pH electrode options include single-, double- or triple-junction, 3-in-1, micro for small samples, refillable or non-refillable, and other special configurations like Iodine/Iodide reference, and/or Platinum junction or ground junction.  The TruLab family of sensors also includes two ORP electrodes and two temperature probes.

Here are the various pH electrode options:

Electrode Summary

Electrode Series Summary Advantage

Basic electrodes with advanced features used in TruLab meter series.

TruLine electrodes cover about 80% of pH applications.

Many different designs available: epoxy, glass-refilled, spear-tipped, micro, etc.   

Can be used/connected with other brands of meters


Fast response 


Used in unique types of applications.

Niche labs where they are doing something that requires a particular type of glass, junction, electrolyte, shape, etc.

Covers approximately 10% of the pH market.

All ScienceLine electrodes are double-junction with a reference, pH, and bridge electrolyte.

The double junction reduces the chances that the reference will touch the sample, avoiding possible contamination.

Variety of electrodes to work in unique/niche markets

Faster response


Better accuracy


The best, most versatile pH electrodes on the market.

Triple-junction, patented 3-chamber reference system.

Uses an iodine/iodide reference electrode (metal free).

3-chamber reference system reduces possibility of contamination of the sample, erratic readings and clogging.

The 3-chamber reference system also makes the electrode less sensitive to temperature changes during calibration. (You can calibrate at room temp then take a pH sample at a high temp and still get a good pH reading.)

Major differences across IoLine family is shape and size, not glass and junctions.

Competitively priced

3-chamber reference system, triple-junction


Better accuracy

Fast response

In addition to the above ​​TruLab electrode summary table, be sure to take a few moments to download our pH Electrode Comparison Guide and pH Electrode Application Guide. These guides will make it quick and easy for you to identify the best electrode for your application.

>>Download the TruLab pH Electrode Comparison Guide Now

>>Download the TruLab pH Electrode Application Guide Now

Like the electrodes we offer, the TruLab benchtop instruments have various options as well.  We offer single and dual-channel instruments with or without built-in printer, memory, and USB output options.

To get a better understanding of the differences between the benchtop lab meters themselves please download our Lab Instrument Comparison Guide.

YSI TruLab Electrode Family

Download pH Handbook Button


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