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Sometimes you just want to kick up your heels, skip down the street and whistle a tune to let everyone know how happy you are! Right? OK, maybe that's just me but, at any rate, we're pretty happy over here to introduce our new laboratory instrument product line to measure pH, ORP, conductivity or BODs.YSI-MultiLab-4010-3-with-2-Probes-Attached.jpg

YSI has officially launched the MultiLab IDS (Intelligent Digital Sensors), a new line of laboratory instruments and smart sensors for the water and wastewater market.

According to Tim Grooms, YSI Director of Water Quality Products, “Our MultiLab IDS line has a unique multiparameter trick up its sleeve. Just one meter can measure three parameters at a time — any three of pH, ORP, BOD, or conductivity, or even three of the same parameters. No other competitive product on the market can do that.”

The YSI MultiLab IDS line includes the MultiLab 4010‐1 (one channel), MultiLab 4010‐2 (dual channel), and the MultiLab 4010‐3 (three channel) as well as smart digital probes for optical-based BOD, pH, ORP, and conductivity measurement. The product line has been engineered from the ground up for the laboratory, with an easytouse and calibrate menudriven operation and improved data integrity and security.

Each of the instrument channels can be used for any probe. The one-channel instrument offers an easytoread monochrome graphic LCD while the two and threechannel versions offer color LCD displays, another unique feature in the industry.

“Another advantage has been built into the digital sensors,” says Grooms. “As soon as they’re plugged in, the digital sensors are automatically recognized by the MultiLab IDS. That explains the IDS in the name (Intelligent Digital Sensors).”Tim-Grooms-Image.jpg

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These sensors automatically store their unique serial number and calibration data. They also digitally process the measurement signal. The sensors can be moved from instrument to instrument and maintain their calibration data and transmit this information to the new instrument.

The IDS sensors feature:

  • Plug and play connectivity with each instrument
  • IDS sensors store their own unique ID with serial number and calibration data
  • Digital sensor recognition, processing, and data transfer 
  • Includes self-stirring BOD, pH, ORP, and conductivity sensors
  • BOD probe uses optical dissolved oxygen technology and includes a guarded sensor tip

When using the instrument with the YSI ProOBOD with Optical BOD probe getting results is even faster.



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