Enter to win a 5500D Optical DO Meter from YSI!

dissolved oxygen monitoring system

Designed specifically for aquaculture systems, the YSI 5500D continuous monitor for dissolved oxygen (DO) streamlines monitoring and control. Simple enough to monitor one tank, powerful enough to manage a full-scale farming operation from anywhere in the world. Simultaneously measure dissolved oxygen with optical technology in multiple tanks or ponds. With YSI’s optical DO technology, you'll benefit from reduced costs, less maintenance and better data.

Features and Benefits of the YSI 5500D:

  • MultiDO - Optical DO technology; 1-4 DO probe inputs depending on model
  • Versatile - Optional Ethernet TCP/IP or wireless communications
  • Dependable - Record calibrations, high and low conditions, and more with event logging
  • Conditional feed timer with Feed Smart software included
  • Extensive Networking - Capability to network up to 32 instruments per communications port or integration with the YSI 5200A and 5400 monitors
  • Plug-and-Play - Easy to install, setup and maintain; no need to hire consultants
  • Peace of Mind - Keep a close watch on water quality conditions with e-mail and SMS alarm notifications
  • Flexible Control - Perform setup, remote control, and quickly view system status with optional AquaManager software for desktops. The Aquaviewer II mobile app is also available for easy access to data anywhere, anytime

What you’ll win:

  • 5500D-AC (110-230 VAC) or 5500D-DC (12 VDC) single channel version
  • 62650-4 (4-meter cable and optical DO probe)

*No purchase necessary. Winner may be asked to provide additional information to YSI on their application and/or be asked to take part in an application story. Winner can upgrade their instrument to a 2- or 4-channel version and/or a longer DO cable. Credit will be applied to the upgrade based on the winning value and the winner would pay the difference.

Want to learn more about YSI continuous DO monitors?

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