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Pro Series pH/ORP/ISE Field Cable

YSI 10 Cable - pH/ORP/ISE and temperature cable assembly

$281.00 - $505.00

Pro Series 1003 pH/ORP Sensor

pH/ORP Sensor


EcoSense DO200A Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature Instrument


Pro Series Laboratory pH/ORP Sensor

pH, ORP, and temperature single junction combination electrode with cable and MS connector

$319.00 - $340.00

EcoSense EC300A Conductivity Meter

Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, Temperature. Instrument Only


EcoSense DO200A Dissolved Oxygen Field Cable

DO and Temp Field Probe and Cable

$332.00 - $357.00

EcoSense pH100M

pH, mV, Temperature with extended memory

$337.00 - $500.00

Pro Series Conductivity Field Cable

YSI 30 Cable - Conductivity and temperature cable assembly

$345.00 - $586.00

ProDSS Large, Hard Sided Carrying Case

ProDSS Large, Hard Sided Carrying Case


Pro1003A Amplified pH/ORP Combo Sensor

1003A Amplified pH/ORP Combo Sensor


Pro Series 1006 Nitrate ISE Sensor

YSI 1006 Nitrate ISE for the Pro Series


Pro Series 1004 Ammonium ISE, NH4+ Sensor

YSI 1004 ammonium, NH4+ sensor for the Pro Series