EXO Setup Sensor Brace Installation

EXO Setup – Sensor Brace Installation

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EXO Sensor Brace Installation

This video covers the EXO Sensor Brace and how to install it.

Timestamps of specific moments of the video

  • 0:00 – Overview and equipment
  • 0:58 – Installation of the O-Ring and Sensors
  • 1:40 – A Note on Sensor Order
  • 2:38 – Installing the Sensor Brace
  • 3:14 – Removing and Re-Installing

Video Transcript

In this video, we’ll discuss the EXO Sensor Brace and show how to properly install it on your EXO Sonde.

This brace is recommended for use with any EXO2 or EXO3 sonde using a Central Wiper and Wiped C/T sensor. Please note that this brace is NOT compatible with the standard non-wiped C/T sensor.

This brace is included in a kit with a couple spare sets of o-rings. Installation of the brace utilizes one small spacer o-ring that fits around the Central Wiper and puts outward pressure on the sensors.

It also uses three larger o-rings that fit over the sensors and apply inward pressure that minimizes sensor movement or “wiggle” during deployment. As the wiper brush bristles start to splay with use, the wiped CT sensor prongs may start catching them during the wipe cycle. This brace will mitigate any potential movement associated with this.

Let’s look at how to install this brace. You’ll want to make sure your sonde and sensors are clean prior to installation.

First, if you haven’t already done so, remove the Central Wiper from the sonde bulkhead. Roll the spacer o-ring onto the wiper body, and keep rolling it up until it falls into the groove, meeting the wiper brush guard. Once that is in place, we can reinstall the Central Wiper. Make sure the wetmate connector is clean and freshly lubricated before installation.

With the wiper in place, install the rest of your EXO Sensors; again making sure the wetmate connectors are clean and lubricated. For the purposes of this video, I already have my sensors installed.

Sometimes people ask if there is a particular order they should install their sensors. EXO Sondes utilize universal sensor ports, meaning any sensor can go in any port. Now if you are using a NitraLED sensor, this must be installed in the last port, port 6 on the EXO2 and port 4 on the EXO3 -- You can find other EXO University videos to help you with NitraLED installation.

Otherwise, there is no right or wrong sensor orientation; however, we do have some general recommendations:

For any sensor whose measurement may be impacted by the wiper brush, including Conductivity, Turbidity, Total Algae, fDOM, and Rhodamine, we recommend avoiding the first and last ports. This is to mitigate any inaccurate readings that may be caused if the wiper brush parks off-center. Sensors like Dissolved Oxygen, pH, or any ISE are recommended for these ports neighboring the brush guard.

With our spacer o-ring on and our wiper and sensors installed, let’s install the brace. Start by aligning the brush guard with the cutout on the brace. Then, simply slide the brace over the sensor payload. I recommend positioning it so that the top of the brace is aligned with the seam of the brush guard.

With the brace in position, next, we’ll install each large o-ring by stretching it carefully over the sensor faces until it sits in the groove. Repeat this for the remaining two o-rings. With the three large o-rings seated, the sensor brace is now installed!

The brace is designed to be extremely easy to uninstall and reinstall. To remove, simply slide the brace up over the sensors. The sensors are now exposed for cleaning and removal.

To get the brace back on, you’ll need to remove the three o-rings. This is achieved simply by pinching the o-ring enough to raise it from its seated position and allow it to be rolled off of the sensor brace. You can also use your finger to push the o-ring out from the inside of the brace. Now, the brace can be reinstalled.

That covers the EXO Sensor Brace installation. Please be sure to check out our other EXO University videos. Thanks for watching!

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