EXO Wiped (C/T) Sensor, Spacing Kit

EXO Multiparameter Sondes

EXO advanced water quality monitoring platform for continuous field water quality measurements in challenging conditions.

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Note: One spacing kit is included with the initial purchase of an EXO Wiped (C/T) Sensor, but it is considered a consumable part.

  • Overview

    This kit of consumable o-rings and all-plastic zip-ties allows the user of an EXO Wiped (C/T) sensor to properly secure the sensor payload. This assists in the alignment of the EXO2 Central Wiper with the Wiped (C/T) sensor - keeping the channel clean of fouling.

    To learn more about safeguarding your high quality data, please see our Quick Start Video for this Spacing Kit.

  • Specifications
    Equipment used with EXO Wiped Conductivity & Temperature Sensor (599827)
    Monitoring Yes
    Sampling No
    User Replaceable Yes
  • Video

    EXO: Wiped Conductivity & Temperature Quick Start Guide

    In this video quick start guide, Tim Finegan reviews the new EXO2 wiped C/T sensor, and takes you through the step-by-step installation process. Don't forget the tips at the end for best performance and data quality.

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