Xylem Environmental Solutions Water Flow and Quality Workshop

A live, interactive workshop led by our friendly Application Experts!

WE'RE ON THE ROAD AGAIN! Join us for this free one-day workshop on environmental water monitoring "best practices" for river, stream, and reservoir monitoring. This event is being held in partnership with GeoTech Environmental Equipment, who will be our gracious hosts for the day.

We start the morning with classroom presentations, and after a complimentary lunch, we will head outdoors to Global Landing Park for training and an instrumentation demo. You’ll learn the following:

  • Best practices: Choosing the right technology for day-to-day environmental monitoring operations or during extreme weather events.
  • Deployment options: Learn about manual and autonomous vehicles for discharge, water quality, and bathymetric data collection.
  • Site selection: Why it’s critical and what to look for.
  •  QA/QC: Understand the checks in place to ensure you get the best data possible.
  • Data hosting: Learn about simple, user-friendly data-to-the-web solutions.
  • Get collecting! See the NEW SonTek-RS5 and award-winning M9 systems deployed from a bridge and remote-control boats and observe YSI water quality instruments in action.

Time Description

8:00 AM

: GeoTech, 2650 E 40th Ave, Denver, CO 80205

8:30 AM

Welcome: Diego Davis, Western Sales Manager, Xylem Environmental Solutions   

8:40 AM

YSI Integrated Systems: NEW Rapid Deployment Buoys, Vertical Profiling, and Monitoring Networks. —Tim Finegan, Regional Sales and Systems Engineer

9:15 AM

Recap of Profiler Users Group Meeting, Local Source Water Protection — Tim Finegan

9:30 AM

Taking an Integrated Approach to Flow and Water Quality Data Collection — Jessica Latzko, Mountain Region Technical Sales

10:00 AM


10:15 AM

SonTek-RS5: Discharge Data Collection Using the World's Smallest ADCP — Issac Jones, Flow Segment and SonTek Product Manager

10:45 AM

Modernize Your Monitoring: Key Advantages of Adding Continuous Doppler Sensors to Your Network — Brittany Jenner, SonTek Product Specialist

11:15 AM

Using Autonomous Vehicles to Map Reservoirs and Inland Water Bodies for Sedimentation and Water Quality Events — Jon Fajans, Xylem Ocean & Coastal Techincal Applications Manager

12:00 PM Complimentary Lunch Provided

12:30 PM

Optional Talk (During Lunch): Go Deep with the Ecomapper: How the AUV is Used in Water Quality Studies, Pollutant Identification and Habitat Mapping, Volumetric Studies, and General Bathymetry

1:00 PM

Field Training and Demo: Globeville Landing Park*. Practice Taking ADCP/ADV Field Measurements and Get Helpful EXO Tips and Tricks! 
*Subject to Change Based on Conditions