Level Gauging and Data Acquisition

Amazon Water Level Bubbler Launch

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Nile Radar Sensor

WaterLOG Nile Radar Sensor

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Satellite Transmitter

WaterLOG Satellite Transmitter, internal GPS, GPS Antenna and Cable

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PL200-H Hydrant Water Pressure Logger

Water Distribution System Pressure Recorder

$806.00 - $834.00

Storm 3 Data Logger

WaterLOG Storm 3 Data Logger

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Shaft Encoder

WaterLOG Shaft Encoder with LCD Display, SDI-12 and 4-20MA Outputs

$1,679.00 - $1,767.00

Amazon Bubbler

Self-contained Continuous Flow Bubbler with Fully Integrated Pressure Sensor

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A Scalable, Collaborative Data Visualization Platform for Water Monitoring

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WL450 Stainless Steel or Titanium Water Level Transmitters

Submersible Water Level Transmitters with Dual Outputs

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FL16 Water Flow Logger

Water Flow Logger


FL-400 Water Flow Sensor

Water Flow Sensor


WL400 Water Level Sensor

Submersible Pressure Transducer for Level & Pressure

$885.00 - $1,611.00

Conductor Cable

Weather and sun resistant RS-232 10 conductor cable

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Line-of-Sight Radio

WaterLOG Line-of-Sight Radio Series

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SDI Cable

Weather/Sun Resistant SDI-12 Cable, 4 Conductor, 22 AWG

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Nile Radar Sensor Keypad Display

WaterLOG Nile Keypad Display

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WL16 Water Level Logger

Submersible Pressure Transducer and USB Datalogger Combination

$1,292.00 - $2,047.00

XL Series Data Logger

WaterLOG Data Logger with Integrated GOES Transmitter with Internal GPS

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WA170 Mechanical Float Switch

Low voltage mechanically-activated float switch for low current panels and alarms

$66.00 - $76.00

WMP Series Flowmeter

Electromagnetic Flowmeters

$1,347.00 - $2,769.00

WA150 Tilt Float Switch

Liquid level float control sensor

$106.00 - $152.00

Flow Probe

Digital Water Velocity Meter

$188.00 - $1,827.00

WA100 Liquid Level Float Switch

Liquid Level Float Control Sensor

$211.00 - $668.00

WA600 Water Level Alarm Sensor

High water indicator and low level water controller


AD200 Auto Dialer

Global Water's voice alarm auto dialers for notification of emergency conditions.