Level Gauging and Data Acquisition

Amazon Water Level Bubbler Launch

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FC220 Open Channel Flow Monitor

Open channel flow sensor not included. Please specify flume/weir type when placing order.

$1,300.50 - $1,572.00

WL430 Water Level Sensor

Submersible Wastewater Level Sensor


WL650 Sonic Water Level Meter

Polluted Well Level Meter & Depth Measuring Monitor


WL-900 Radar Level Transmitters

Radar Level Transmitter

$1,740.00 - $2,725.00

DCX-22 Self-Contained Water Level Data Logger

Submersible absolute pressure transducer


SIT70 Satellite Telemetry

Satellite Internet-Based Data Acquisition and Control.

$2,992.00 - $6,165.00

Amazon Bubbler

Self-contained Continuous Flow Bubbler with Fully Integrated Pressure Sensor

$3,410.00 - $3,710.00