Level Gauging and Data Acquisition

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FC220 Open Channel Flow Monitor

Open channel flow sensor not included. Please specify flume/weir type when placing order.

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PC320 Process Controller

Process control meter and industrial control system

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EZ100 Portable Sensor Display

All of Global Water's electronic sensors seamlessly interface to the EZ100 Sensor Display, which can be used for both portable and permanent installations

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AD200 Auto Dialer

Global Water's voice alarm auto dialers for notification of emergency conditions.

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GL500-7-2 Multichannel Data Logger

The Global multichannel datalogger, GL500, is the latest addition to our line of rugged remote recording instrumentation. It features 7 analog channels and 2 digital channels for data recording.

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GL500-2-1 Datalogger

Dataloggers and recorders with serial RS232 or USB connections

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SIT70 Satellite Telemetry

Satellite Internet-Based Data Acquisition and Control.

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WL400 Water Level Sensor

Submersible Pressure Transducer for Level & Pressure

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Conductor Cable

Weather and sun resistant RS-232 10 conductor cable

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Line-of-Sight Radio

WaterLOG Line-of-Sight Radio Series

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Flow Probe

Digital Water Velocity Meter

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SDI Cable

Weather/Sun Resistant SDI-12 Cable, 4 Conductor, 22 AWG

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