Level Gauging and Data Acquisition

Amazon Water Level Bubbler Launch

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WA170 Mechanical Float Switch

Low voltage mechanically-activated float switch for low current panels and alarms

$57.00 - $65.50

WA150 Tilt Float Switch

Liquid level float control sensor

$92.00 - $132.00

WMP Series Flowmeter

Electromagnetic Flowmeters

$1,166.00 - $2,397.00

Flow Probe

Digital Water Velocity Meter

$163.00 - $1,582.00

WA100 Liquid Level Float Switch

Liquid Level Float Control Sensor

$192.00 - $578.50

WA600 Water Level Alarm Sensor

High water indicator and low level water controller


AD200 Auto Dialer

Global Water's voice alarm auto dialers for notification of emergency conditions.


WA400 High Water Alarm

Remote process control alarm for monitoring water quality parameters

$400.00 - $482.50

IP Series Flowmeters

Electromagnetic Flowmeter

$427.50 - $1,359.00

GL500-2-1 Data Logger



FT Series Flow Sensors

Flow Sensors

$529.00 - $774.00

EZ100 Portable Sensor Display

All of Global Water's electronic sensors seamlessly interface to the EZ100 Sensor Display, which can be used for both portable and permanent installations