FL16 Water Flow Logger

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The FL16 Water Flow Logger revolutionizes flow data collection for applications such as inflow & infiltration studies, stormwater and wastewater collection systems, open channels, and other gravity flow systems. The FL16 Water Flow Loggers will record over 81,000 depth, temperature, water flow, and velocity readings in sewer and drainage pipes and other open channel applications such as flumes, weirs, and square channels. The specially engineered, non-fouling water level sensor works in depths as little as ½ inch. It allows deployment in maintenance holes and other difficult-to-access areas without entering the confined space.

  • Overview


    • Records two analog channels: Flow and Temperature
    • Compact, self-powered, and easy to use
    • USB communication option available
    • User programmable start and stop alarms, engineering units, and field calibration setup
    • No confined space entry is required for sensor deployment
    • User-friendly flow monitoring software that is compatible with all Windows-based operating systems
    • Wet-wet transducer eliminates vent tube concerns
    • Automatic barometric pressure and temperature compensation

    The FL16 Water Flow Logger's vented water flow sensor is fully encapsulated with marine-grade epoxy. The water flow sensor's electronics are encapsulated so moisture will never leak in through O-ring seals or work its way into the vent tube and cause drift or sensor failure. The vent tube is sealed directly to the wet-wet sensing element.

    FL16 Water Flow Logger's user-friendly Windows-based software is explicitly tailored for calculating water flows in partially filled sewer and drainage pipes using Manning's Equation, with pull-down menus for selecting and entering the necessary information. The Water Flow Logger software has a unique calibration feature that allows users to view calculated water velocity, compare this to actual measured data, and adjust the water flow parameters to calibrate for the water flow conditions of a specific application. Water flow equations for over 40 standard flumes and weirs and user-definable custom lookup tables are provided, which can convert water level to flow for virtually any application.

    Water flow equations for over 40 standard flumes and weirs and user-definable custom lookup tables are provided, which can convert water level to flow for virtually any application. Once configured, all set up and water flow parameters are stored in the Water Flow Recorder's memory and are uploaded to the software automatically upon connection. This information can also be saved to a file for later use, allowing Water Flow Recorders to be deployed in multiple locations without the need to re-enter the water flow parameters each time the Water Flow Recorders are moved. The Water Flow Recorders operate on two standard 9-volt batteries, which they monitor so you are never caught off guard with dead batteries. A third onboard lithium battery ensures your data will be safe if you cannot change the 9V batteries before they fail. An optional protective housing includes hardware for mounting the Water Flow Recorders to a maintenance hole step or other structure and also allows for easy installation and replacement in the field.

  • Specifications
    FL16 Water Flow Loggers  
    Memory Non-volatile flash memory

    Two 9VDC Alkaline Batteries

    Battery Life Up to 1 year (depending on recording intervals)

    12 bit

    Moisture Protection

    Silicon coating (prevents damage to electronics from condensation)

    Temperature -40° to +185°F (-40° to +85°C)


    0-95% non-condensing

    Storage Capacity

    81,759 time and date stamped data points including battery voltage

    Sample Modes High Speed (10 samples per second), Fixed Interval (Programmable from 1 sec to >1 year), Logarithmic, Exception
    Data Overwrite Select memory wrap or unwrap (unwrap will stop logging data once memory is full)
    Clock Synchronizes to the time and date of user's computer
    Clock Accuracy 0.0025% or 1 minute in 1 month
    Clock Format Month/Day/Year Hour/Minute/Second
    Enclosure 1-7/8 inch dia x 11-1/2 inch length (fits inside a 2 inch well), stainless steel UV protected PVC vented for barometric pressure compensation
    Weight 1.6 lbs (0.7 kg) (with battery and 25 ft cable)
    Communication Port FL16S: RS-232 4-pin circular connector
    FL16U: USB Type B
    Selectable Baud Rates:
    Global Water Flow Loggers Software  
    Compatible with Microsoft's Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, and 7

    Windows and Excel are trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation

    Tabular Display/Printout

    Data in standard spreadsheet format (.CSV)
    Programmable alarm start and stop times

    Field calibration software and help files included

    Water Flow Loger Vented Cable  
    Conductors 4 each 22 AWG

    Marine grade polyurethane jacket, HD polyethylene vent tube, full foil shield

    Shield Aluminum Mylar
    Outside Diameter

    0.307 inch (7.8mm)


    Standard 25 ft (up to 500 ft from factory)

    Temperature -22 to 185°F (-30° to 85°C)


    0.7 oz/ft (65g/m)

    Water Flow Sensor  
    Sensor Element Silicone Diaphragm, Wet/Wet Transducer
    Level Range

    0-3 ft

    Temperature Range 32-122°F (0-50°C)
    Linearity and Hysteresis

    ±0.1% FS


    Level:  ±0.1% FS at constant temperature, ±0.2% over 32° to 70°F (0° to 21.1°C) range
    Temperature:  Smaller of 0.5°F or ±1% of reading

    Overpressure 2 x full scale range

    Burst Pressure

    10 x full scale range


    Infinite (Analog)

    Output Currents Level:  4-20mA ±1mA of full scale
    Temperature:  0-10mA ±1mA full scale
    Supply Voltage 10-36VDC
    Current Draw Combined level and temperature output currents
    Warm Up Time 3 seconds recommended
    Operating Temperature 0° (not frozen) to +185°F (-17.8° to 85°C)
    Compensated Temperature Range 32° to 70°F (0 to 21.1°C) submerged, automatic barometric compensation Housing:
    Material:  316 Stainless Steel Outer Sleeve, PVC diffuser and strain relief
    Size:  9 inch long x 1 inch dia. (22.9 cm long x 2.54 cm dia.)
    Weight:  ~250g (9oz)
    Format Bluetooth 2.0 SPP (Serial Port Protocol)
    Baud Rate

    Auto Detect up to 115K Baud

    Power 9 V Alkaline, approx. 20 hours continuous use

    30mA Average


    20 Feet Maximum

    Operating Temp -40° to +185°F (-40° to +85°C)

    Compatible Software

    Global Logger II version 2.1.5 or higher
    Global Logger II PDA software version 2.0.1
    FL16 Flow Monitor version 2.3.2


  • Accessories

    WL-DO WL16 Desiccant Option

    Desiccant Option

    FLMNT Protective Mounting Sleeve

    Protective Mounting Sleeve

    Inside Well Option

    Mounting cable

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