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Welcome to our on-demand training program for EXO water quality sondes!

Learn all about EXO Sondes from our team of experts in this free series detailing how to setup, calibrate, maintain, store, and troubleshoot your EXO Sonde. These short, how-to videos are available on-demand so you can go at your own pace and only watch the videos you need. Check back for new videos covering even more aspects of monitoring with EXO!

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Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics, an experienced user looking for advanced tips, or just need a refresher, we’ve got you covered. Visit our Table of Contents for the full video list.

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exo overview

Instrument Overview Videos

Get to know the individual instruments that make up the EXO Platform.

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View Videos by Instrument

Search our video library by product of interest to master everything about it.

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exo calibration

Calibration Videos

Follow along with guided calibrations for each sensor as well as how to prepare some of your own standards in the lab.

Learn All about Calibration

exo setup maintenance storage

Setup, Maintenance, & Storage

Proper setup and instrument care can greatly extend the life of your equipment and provide better data.

Check Out Our Instrument Care Tips

exo kor software

Kor Software Videos

Use Kor Software or Kor Mobile to view data, calibrate sensors, set deployments, and ensure equipment operation.

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EXO Did You Know

Did You Know?

Realize the full potential of your EXO system with these advanced tips.

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Table of Contents

recommended videos

Expert guidance on everything to do with EXO.

Multi Water Sensor Calibration

EXO Calibration - Multi-Sensor

This video covers a multi-sensor calibration with the EXO Sonde using Kor Software.

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Nitrate Sensor Calibration

EXO NitraLED Site-Specific Correction

This video covers the NitraLED Site-Specific Correction procedure using Kor Software.

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Algae Sensor Calibration

EXO Standard Preparation – Total Algae

This video covers the preparation of standards for the calibration of the EXO Total Algae sensor.

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ph sensor

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depth sensor

total algae sensor

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nitrate sensor

chloride sensor

rhodamine sensor

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