EXO Conductivity Temperature Sensor

EXO University - EXO Conductivity / Temperature Sensor

Learn all about our EXO Conductivity / Temperature sensors with these related videos.

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conductivity calibration

EXO Calibration - Conductivity

This video covers the calibration of the EXO conductvitiy/temperature sensor for specific conductance in uS/cm using Kor Software.

temperature calibration

EXO Temperature Check

This video covers checking the EXO temperature sensor against a NIST-traceable thermometer.

Multi Water Sensor Calibration

EXO Calibration - Multi-Sensor

This video covers a multi-sensor calibration with the EXO Sonde using Kor Software.

Conducitivity Sensor Setup

EXO Maintenance - Conductivity Sensor

This video covers maintenance for the EXO Conductivity/Temperature sensor.

Water Sensor Install

EXO Maintenance - Sensor Installation

This video covers the proper installation of EXO sensors and maintenance of wetmate connectors.

Sonde Storage

EXO Maintenance - Sonde and Sensor Storage

This video covers the maintenance and storage of the EXO sonde and sensors.

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