EXO Calibration - Depth

EXO Calibration - Depth

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EXO Calibration - Depth

This video covers the calibration of the EXO Depth sensor using Kor Software.

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  • 0:00 – Overview
  • 0:44 – 1-Point Calibration

Video Transcript

In this video, we’ll be calibrating the EXO Depth sensor.

And depending on which sonde you have, the depth sensor can be found in different places. On the EXO1, for example, it’s located here above the label. And on the EXO2 and EXO3 sondes, it's located on the bulkhead.

Before calibrating, we want to make sure our depth sensor is free of debris. We can look into the opening here and make sure there’s nothing in there. If there’s anything clogging it, you can flush it out with a syringe and clean water. This one, for example, is included with your sonde.

Now, the depth calibration is performed in air, and our calibration value will be 0 meters.

So let's go ahead and calibrate my EXO3!

In Kor, we’ll select Depth and then Calibrate. We can observe the readings in real time on this graph.

Keep the sonde still for best results. Once the readings stabilize, we’ll click apply and complete the calibration.

Our depth sensor is now calibrated to 0 meters at our current barometric pressure. We recommend calibrating depth at your field site to avoid any changes in elevation or pressure.

Please check out our other EXO University calibration videos, and thanks for watching.


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