Wastewater Process Monitors and Sensors

IQ SensorNet sensor accessories are now available for online ordering!

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IQ SensorNet SensoClean Pendulum Mount with Adjustable Boom

SensoClean Pendulum mounting assembly with adjustable boom

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IQ SensorNet Adaptor for mounting IQ sensors in WA 700/2 and WA 700/10

Adaptor for mounting IQ sensors in WA 700/2 and WA 700/10

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IQ SensorNet Installation Set for Two On-Line Sensors

Installation set for mounting of two on-line sensors.

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IQ SensorNet Relay Module

Relay Module with 6 relays (for use with 282/284XT and 2020XT systems).  2 IQ Sensor Net Connections

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IQ SensorNet PVC Pipe Mounting Assembly

2-inch PVC Pipe Mounting Assembly for all On-Line Sensors

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IQ SensorNet 282/284 Controller

Modular system for a complete sensor network ideal for various installation needs

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IQ SensorNet P700 Sample Return Line, unheated, 20m

RL 20, Sample return line, unheated, 20 m (66 ft), P 700 IQ

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IQ SensorNet ViSolid® Suspended Solids Probe

Suspended Solids probe for IQ SensorNet systems

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IQ SensorNet Module Spare Hardware Kit

Module spare hardware kit, IQ SensorNet, includes: 4 ea side screws, 4 ea blind nuts with screws, 1 ea contact carrier with screws, and 4 ea cable glands with plugs

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IQ SensorNet Contact Cover, label

Contact cover, label, for front of IQ SensorNet modules, spare part

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IQ SensorNet NitraVis® Sensors

Optical Nitrate probe for IQ SensorNet systems

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IQ SensorNet VARiON® Plus Sensors

Ammonium, Nitrate, Potassium, and Chloride probe for IQ SensorNet systems

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