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Wireless communication device for the EXO sondes.

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6131 Blue-Green Algae Sensor

For freshwater (phycocyanin) environments

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6579 Hemisphere pH Sensor

For 6600 V2-4 with wiper only

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EXO Total Algae PC Smart Sensor

EXO Total Algae Phycocyanin Digital Smart Sensor - Freshwater

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6554 pH/ORP Sensor

For 600R and 600QS only

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6425AF Anti-Fouling Chlorophyll Sensor

Predict algae blooms and nutrient loading

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6561FG Flat Glass pH Sensor

For use with 6600EDS V2 only

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600OMS V2 Optical Monitoring Sonde

Low-Cost Environmental Monitoring Sonde

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EXO pH & ORP Smart Sensor

EXO pH & ORP Digital Smart Sensor (Unguarded)

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