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EXO Handheld Display

Enhanced interface for calibrating and data logging with the EXO platform.

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EXO fDOM Smart Sensor

EXO Fluorescent Dissolved Organic Matter Digital Smart Sensor

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600LS Water Level Sonde

Precise Level Measurement

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EXO Modbus Signal Output Adapter

For integrating an EXO Sonde into a SCADA system.

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6884 Nitrate ISE Sensor

Freshwater use only

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EXO Conductivity & Temperature Smart Sensor

EXO Conductivity & Temperature Digital Smart Sensor

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EXO Rhodamine Sensor

EXO Rhodamine Digital Smart Sensor

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EXO Coastal Zinc Anode Kit

Optional Anti-Fouling Accessory for EXO2

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6436AF Anti-Fouling Turbidity Sensor

Anti-fouling turbidity sensor

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