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6132 Blue-Green Algae Sensor

For marine (phycoerythrin) environments

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EXO Turbidity Smart Sensor

EXO Turbidity Digital Smart Sensor

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6580 pH Reference Electrode

For 600R and 600QS only

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6566 Fouling-Resistant pH/ORP Sensor

For 6600EDS only

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EXO2s Customized Multiparameter Sonde

EXO2 Multiparameter Water Quality Sonde Batteryless Conversion Service (7 sensor ports including a central wiper port)

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6136 Turbidity Sensor

Fouling resistant turbidity sensor

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EXO Wiped Conductivity & Temperature Sensor

EXO Wiped Conductivity & Temperature Digital Smart Sensor

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6450AF Anti-Fouling Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

For severe fouling and low oxygen environments

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EXO Chloride Smart Sensor

EXO Chloride Digital Smart Sensor (ISE)

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