Visit Xylem Lab Solutions at Pittcon 2023 - Booth #2454

Pittcon 2023 is the premier event for laboratory science professionals and Xylem Lab Solutions is excited to showcase our cutting-edge technology at our exhibitor booth. Join us at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia from March 18-22, 2023, and see how our products can take your lab to the next level.

Discover our wide range of equipment and solutions for analysis, measurement, and testing in a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food and beverage, and more. Our team of experts will be on hand to answer any questions and provide demonstrations of our products in action.

Visit us at booth #2454

TitroLine 7800

Universal Titrator with IDS Technology

Turb 750 T Benchtop Turbidimeter

Benchtop Turbidity Meter


Continuous Flow Analyzer

VAPODEST Distillation System

Distillation System

YSI 2900

2900D Biochemistry Analyzer

Two Chemistry Stand Alone Analyzer


Join us for product demonstrations, learning opportunities, and some fun! We’ve got prizes to give away and more. You don’t want to miss these events.

Welcome back to Pittcon!

Happy Hour: Monday March 20th, 2:30pm- 4:30pm, n booth 2454.

We are so excited to be back at Pittcon! To celebrate, Xylem Lab Solutions will be hosting a happy hour on Monday, March 20th. Come by to meet the team and see some of our products and hear about our methods, or just come by to have a drink and some conversation! 

Need an Afternoon Pick-me-up?

Coffee Break: Tuesday, March 21st, 1-3 pm

If you are feeling that after lunch slump, stop by our booth on Tuesday, March 21st for some coffee with our team of experts! 

product demos

Get scanned for a chance to win $150.00 gift card!

We have 3 amazing presentations during Pittcon week. Come and watch each all 3 for your chance to win a gift card worth $150.00.

Entering to win is easy, follow the steps below:

  1. Check out the presentation schedule and details below (Pro Tip 1: put these dates and times in your phone calendar so you don’t forget!)
  2. Head to Pittcon park #3 on the day and time of the presentation. Have a seat and enjoy the 30-minute talks! (Pro Tip 2: 2 out of our 3 presentations will be giving out more prizes and goodies, so keep an eye out for that!).
  3. Get your badge scanned at each presentation so you can be entered for your participation! (Pro Tip 3: This is an important step! You must get scanned by one of our team so we can count your participation, so you can be entered to win).

Win a New Turbidity Meter From YSI!

Product Demo
Presented by Ben Sutter Assistant Product Manager, YSI Biochemistry Analyzers
Monday, March 20
1:00 p.m.

YSI is excited to introduce our new benchtop turbidity meter, the Turb750! Our newest turbidity product measures nephelometrically in accordance with EPA 180.1, up to 1100 NTU! Upon entering each participant will be given their own blinded sample to measure in the instrument on a first-come-first serve basis. Simultaneously we will talk about the meter’s features and will answer questions, and multiple meters will be on hand for people to play with. When the session ends, the participants who measure the blinded sample with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd highest NTU will take home prizes, and everyone who attends the session will get entered in to win the Turb750 meter!!!

Ammonia and Cyanide Analysis of Industrial Discharge
Learning Lab
Presented by Jakob Woodside Associate Product Manager, OI Analytical
Tuesday, March 21
10:00 a.m.

Many industries utilize or produce an excess amount of nitrogen-containing compounds, and must carefully monitor their effluent for such compounds to abide by regulatory standards. Therefore, accurate, high-throughput measurement remains critically important for environmentally conscious and ethical business practice. As the pioneers behind distillation-free Available and Total Cyanide testing methods, the experts at OI Analytical will discuss the various applications, methods, as well as the significance of automated chemistry analysis for ammonia and cyanide in the 21st Century.

Laboratories run on Titration!
Product Demo
Presented by Erick Wyman Sales Specialist, Xylem Lab Solutions
Tuesday, March 21
1:00 p.m.

Do you need coffee in the morning to get through all the titrations you have to do? YSI’s automated titration systems can automate that work for you. YSI’s titration experts will be on hand to demonstrate the measurement of total acidity in coffee, while we will also describe the range of applications automated titrators can perform, and the key features that make YSI’s titrators the fastest way for you to get the most accurate results. If you’re feeling fast from your morning cup of joe, you may be one of 3 people selected from the audience to show your manual titration skills in a race against the automated titrator and two other competitors! 

Race for the most accurate and fastest results to win prizes in this fun, interactive learning experience.

Can’t make it to Pittcon? Did you know we provide free virtual project consultations? Our laboratory experts are available to help with everything from instrument selection to application support for various applications.

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