Discover what you missed at Pittcon 2024

Couldn’t make it to Pittcon this year? We want to ensure you didn’t miss out on the innovative laboratory solutions showcased at our booth. Discover our wide range of equipment and solutions for analysis, measurement, and testing in a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food and beverage, and more. Dive deeper into the products showcased below.

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laboratory brands


Continuous Flow Analyzer

Pulsed Flame Phtometric Detector (PFPD)

Pulsed Flame Photometric Detector

4760 Eclipse Purge and Trap Sample Concentrator

Eclipse Purge and trap Concentrator

YSI 2900

2900D Biochemistry Analyzer

Two Chemistry Stand Alone Analyzer

VAPODEST Distillation System

Distillation System

RFM 340-T: Touchscreen Refractometer

Touchscreen Refractometer

TitroLine 7800

Universal Titrator with IDS Technology

MultiLab 4010-3W

Three channel benchtop multiparameter instrument with wireless capability


Turb® 750 T Benchtop Turbidimeter

Benchtop Turbidity Meter

TFX 430 Precision Thermometer

Precision Thermometer

product demos

Learning Lab:

Water Management: VOCs and P&T
Presented by Jakob Woodside Associate Product Manager, Xylem Lab Solutions
Monday, Feb. 26
1:00 pm 

For the past 50 years, Purge & Trap (P&T) has been instrumental in enabling laboratories to determine Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels in their matrices with GC and GC/MS. This presentation will delve into the rich history of the technology, exploring its evolution and varied applications across a multitude of industries. Join the experts at Xylem Lab Solutions for a comprehensive discussion on the pivotal role P&T plays in advancing the analytical capabilities of laboratories across the globe.

DemoZone Product Demo:

Automated Titration for Alkalinity by Standard Method 2320 using the YSI TitroLine 7000
Presented by Craig Storms, YSI Lab Solutions Sales Specialist
Tuesday, Feb. 26
1:00 pm 

Automation of processes that have typically been manual can save you time and money while increasing your accuracy and eliminating the need for indicators. Visit our demonstration lab led by Sales Specialist Craig Storms, as he guides you through a titration to determine Alkalinity in solutions. Learn about the benefits of automatic titration, and brush up on your chemistry at the same time!

DemoZone Product Demo:

Exploring Sweet Secrets with Xylem Lab Solutions Refractometers
Presented by Michelle Kuzio, Product Manager, Xylem Lab Solutions
Wednesday, Feb. 28
1:00 pm

Refractometers play a pivotal role in measuring brix and sugar content in beverages to dissolved solids concentration in your industrial formulation. Uncover the nuances and learn some tips and tricks of the Xylem Lab Solutions Bellingham and Stanley refractometers. Learn to minimize variability and enhance accuracy in this interactive hands-on demonstration. Join us for a blend of knowledge and sweet rewards!


  • Monday
    9:00am Exhibit Hall Opens Visit our Booth #2004
    10:10am-10:30am Oral  Presentation: Alternative Methods for SO2 Determination in Food Presentation Room 30B
    10:40am-11:00am Oral  Presentation: Dumas Method Application for Non-Protein Nitrogen (NPN) Analysis in Milk Products Presentation Room 30B
    1:00pm-1:25pm Learning Lab: Water Management: VOCs and Purge & Trap Park #2 - Booth #2645
    1:00pm-3:00pm Poster: Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds in Seawater by Purge and Trap (P&T) Concentration and detection by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) Expo Floor, near park #3
    1:00pm-3:00pm Poster: Seawater Nutrient Analysis Expo Floor, near park #3
    1:00pm-3:00pm Poster: Water determination of Cannabis with Karl-Fischer (KF) Titration Method  Expo Floor, near park #3
    3:00pm-4:00pm Happy Hour in the Xylem Lab Solutions Booth Booth #2004

  • Tuesday
    9:00am Exhibit Hall Opens Visit our Booth #2004
    10:00am-12:00pm Poster: ATSM D7511-12 Total Cyanide Analysis Expo Floor, near park #3
    1:00am-3:00pm Poster: Determination of Glucose in Blood by Applying IET (Imbedded Enzyme Technology) Expo Floor, near park #3
    1:00pm-1:25pm DemoZone: Automated Titration for Alkalinity by Standard Method 2320 using the YSI TitroLine 7000 Park #2 - Booth #2645
    1:00 pm-2:30pm Coffee Break Xylem Lab Booth #2004

  • Wednesday
    9:00am-3:00pm Optimize your total laboratory workflow. Visit the Xylem Lab Solutions booth to talk to our team of experts who will be on hand to answer any questions. Visit our Booth #2004
    1:00pm-1:25 pm DemoZone: Exploring Sweet Secrets with Xylem Lab Solutions Refractometers Park #2 - Booth #2645

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