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Combustion Analyzer with Starter Kit

  • Overview

    N-REALYZER: Intuitive, Precise, Fast, and Safe Nitrogen and Protein Analysis

    Experience faster, safer nitrogen determination with the N-REALYZER using the Dumas method in a compact, closed system. No hazardous chemicals mean more space and work safety in your lab, allowing flexible use of your fume hood. Enjoy faster analysis times, efficient sample preparation, and significant cost savings compared to Kjeldahl methods. Choose a state-of-the-art, cost-effective, time, and space-saving alternative for nitrogen analysis.

    Intuitive Operation:

    • Self-explanatory user interface for ease of use.
    • Automated process management simplifies everyday laboratory work.
    • Complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and ISO 17025.

    Functional Instrument Design: More Uptime

    • High-quality materials ensure a long service life, plus a 7-year warranty on the combustion furnance.
    • Tool-free operation for easy consumable replacement and fast replacement of process relevant components.

    High Work Safety:

    • Optimized workflows ensure safe daily operations and maintenance steps.

    Wide Range of Samples:

    • Analyze up to 100 samples in series in the patented autosampler which prevents samples from being mixed up.
    • Capable of analyzing both solid and liquid samples, regardless of nitrogen content, thanks to the 2-stage water seperation to completely remove the water content.

    Resource-Efficient Operation:

    • Sample-optimized oxygen addition for resource-efficient operation.
    • Low costs per sample are ensured with the helium-saving function and a specially designed detector to minimize helium consumption and save money.

  • Specifications
    Sample size Up to 1000 mg
    Sample capacity 1 - 100 samples
    Analysis time 3 - 5 min, depending on the sample type and sample size
    Recovery rate > 99,5 %
    Detection limits with Helium 0,003 - 50 mg N absolut
    Standard deviation < 0,5 % (with standard sample preparation)
    Operation via computer with REAL-OS
    Temperature range Combustion furnace 400 - 1.100 °C
    Temperature range Reduction furnace 400 - 1.100 °C
    Temperature range Desorption furnace  50 - 400 °C
    Required gases and quality
    • Helium (alternative Argon), quality grade 5.0 (99,999 %)
    • Oxygen, quality grade 5,0 (99.999 %)
    • Compressed air or nitrogen, quality grade 2.6 (99.6 %, oil- and water free)
    Gas installation Pressure regulators for high purity gas; 1/4&" cylindric thread (female)
    Inlet pressure helium 3 - 6 bar
    Inlet pressure oxygen 3 - 6 bar
    Inlet pressure compr. air / nitrogen 3 - 6 bar 
    Ambient temperature 15 °C < t < 35 °C
    Nominal voltage 100 - 240 VAC
    Frequency 50/60 Hz
    Dimensions Device closed W / D / H 600 x 550 x 722 mm
    Dimensions Device opened W / D / H 600 x 550 x 1200 mm
    Weight ca. 130 kg
    Nominal wattage 1400 W
    Current max. 14 A (6 A bei 230 V, 14 A bei 100 V)
    Wanted digital balance Precision min. 0,1 mg

    Analytical Data  
    Analyte Nitrogen, Protein
    Maximum sample weight 1g
    Sample parameters Solid samples, liquid samples
    Detection limit helium 0.003 - 50mg N absolute
    Method Dumas
    Duration of analysis 3 - 5 minutes, depending on sample type and quantity
    Recovery rate > 99.5%
    Standard deviation <0.5% with standard sample preparation methods

    Technical Data  
    Detector Thermal conductivity detector
    Autosampler individual sample feed of up to 100 samples
    Maximum temperature 1,000°
    Device control via REAL-OS web interface (intuitive software with AI elements)
    Gases Helium, oxygen (both 5.0) and compressed air (according to ISO 8573-1 class 3)
    Interfaces/Connectivity TBA

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