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The Argonaut-XR offers exceptional value for near-shore deployments in less than 40 m of water. Designed specifically for mounting on the bottom of a river, channel, or harbor, the XR features a special mode that automatically adjusts one of its measurement cells for changing water levels. Its small size, rugged build, and flexible system architecture make the XR attractive for real-time operation and autonomous deployments.

  • Overview

    Standard Features

    • MultiCell feature - 10 water velocity cells plus an eleventh automatically adjusting cell (AutoTide feature - see illustration above)
    • 3D water velocity
    • Integrated piezoresistive pressure sensor
    • Reflected echo intensity output
    • SDI-12
    • Mounting plate for easy installation
    • RS-232 communication protocol
    • ViewArgonaut Windows software for real-time data collection, data retrieval, deployment, diagnostics, and processing
    • Flexible sampling strategies for reduced duty cycle operation
    • Internal memory (stores over 20,000 samples)
    • Compass/two-axis tilt sensor
    • Temperature sensor on exposed titanium pin for fast response

    argonaut-xr rio de janeiro

    Optional Features

    • External battery pack for autonomous operation
    • Integrated CT sensor

    The Multicell Feature

    MultiCell is an innovative way of current profiling. Combining all the benefits of classical current profiling with the dynamic AutoTide feature, users have the best of both worlds. The Additional dynamic velocity cell adjusts with changes in water level.

    Argonaut-xr mount

  • Specifications
    1.5 MHz   
    Maximum Range*    20.0 m (66.0 ft)      
    Resolution 0.4 m (1.2 ft)

    * Maximum range may vary depending on environmental conditions.

    Velocity — Range

    +/- 0.6 m/s

    Velocity — Resolution 0.1 cm/s
    Velocity — Accuracy

    ±1% of measured velocity, ±0.5 cm/s

    Compass/Tilt Sensor — Calibration Procedure Built-in, Compensate for ambient magnetic fields
    Compass/Tilt Sensor — Resolution 0.1°
    Compass/Tilt Sensor — Heading Accuracy ±2.00°
    Compass/Tilt Sensor — Pitch, Roll Accuracy ±1°
    Depth Rating 200 m
    Dimensions (dia x h) 15.2cm x 18.0cm | 6.0 in x 7.1 in
    Weight in air 3.18 kg (7 lbs)

    Weight in water

    0.45 kg (1 lb)

    Temperature — Resolution 0.01°C
    Temperature — Accuracy ±0.1°C
    Operating Temperature

    -5° to 40°C

    Storage Temperature -10° to 50°C
    Input Power 7-15 VDC
    Typical Power Consumption 0.2 to 0.5 W, continuous operation
    0.01 W Stand-by
    Battery capacity (alkaline) 500 W·h
  • Accessories

    SonTek Battery Pack

    Battery Pack

    SonTek Power Cord Kit (International)

    Power cord kit (Internationa

    SonTek US Power Cord

    US Power Cord

    SonTek Power Supply

    Power supply, 15VDC, 40W

    Argonaut-XR Power and Communications Cable

    Power and Communications Cable

  • Software

    View Argonaut Software - V 3.72

    ViewArgonaut is a Windows-based deployment, postprocessing, and diagnostic software program that can be used with any SonTek Argonaut current meter (MD, SW, XR, Argonaut-ADV and SonTek-SL500).

    Argonaut-SL/SW/XR Firmware - V 12.2

    Recent update corrects Modbus Output "Level" Parameter: The Modbus output of the "Level"parameter in Register 30051 & 30052 was corrected to not include the SystemElevation used in the "Stage" parameter and the flow calculations. It is now simply the water level above thevertical beam as intended. The changedoes not affect any other output formats (i.e. SDI-12) or internally recorded data.

    Previous udpates include:

    • Adds two new Channel Types (Culvert and Equation)
    • Improved Total Volume calculations; allows accumulating volume even when collection is temporarily interrupted
    • Option added to disable Total Volume Reset on the Flow Display
    • Adds SDI-12 Auto Sampling, which allows instrument to continue data collection even when no data logger command is received
    • Improved low-battery recovery; allows automatic data collection restart if a low-voltage battery recovers (e.g., when battery recharges itself via a solar panel)
    • Adds an alternate method of interrupting data collection via a modem using plus (+) or equals (=) characters
    • Scaling of analog output signals now based on setting of Total Volume units

    If you wish to take advantage of the new features in this version, follow the instructions below based on the version of firmware currently in your system.

    Argonaut SL/SW/XR Firmware Version 7.0 or Later

    This is a free update for systems that currently have v7.0 or later firmware installed. We strongly recommend updating your system to this new version. To update your system to this version:

    • Download and install the latest version of SonUtils - v4.20 (or later) for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2K, or v2.50a for Windows 98/95
    • Download and install the latest version of the ViewArgonaut Software program (v3.62 or later).
    • Download the Argonaut SL/SW/XR Firmware v12.0 Update Package - This package includes release notes that explain the new features and how to take advantage of them. It also includes the firmware file, your serial number access code, and instructions for loading the firmware into your system.

    Argonaut SL/SW/XR Firmware Versions Before 7.0

    Any system with a firmware version before v7.0 would need to be returned to SonTek for a hardware upgrade. There is a fee for the hardware upgrade service. Please contact our Support team for an RMA to upgrade your systems.

    Contact Support

    Argonaut-MD/SL/XR DOS Suite - V 5.91

    Argonaut-MD/SL/XR DOS-based programs used to control operation and to access data.

    *Note: Not for use with Argonaut-ADVs.

    Get the Software and Firmware

  • Video

    SonTek Argonaut-XR Profiler: Use in Fish Pen Application

    The Argonaut-XR is an acoustic Doppler profiler that can be used to collect flow, velocity and depth data in near shore deployments in less than 40 m of water. Designed specifically for mounting on the bottom of a river, channel, or harbor, the XR features a special mode that automatically adjusts one of its measurement cells for changing water level. Its small size, rugged build, and flexible system architecture make the XR attractive for both real-time operation and autonomous deployments.

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