Series 4000 MINICAMS

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The Series 4000 MINICAMS Halogen Specific Detector is an automatic, transportable air monitoring system proven for reliably detecting chemical agents, precursors, simulants and selected toxic industrial compounds.

  • Overview

    MINICAMS is an automatic, transportable air monitoring system. It is designed for near real-time monitoring of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and selected gaseous inorganic compounds in ambient air or other environments. It provides rapid notification of alarm levels in the monitored areas and operates continuously with minimal maintenance. Based on capillary gas chromatography (GC), the MINICAMS is a fully quantitative analytical system capable of routine multiple-compound monitoring.

    The Halogen Specific Detector (XSD) is a highly-sensitive and selective detector for chlorinated compounds based on thermionic emission. Chlorinated compounds enter the high temperature reactor of the XSD, generating free chlorine atoms. These atoms are adsorbed onto an active platinum surface, which causes thermionic emission from the surface to generate a signal current. The XSD is a flameless detector, requiring only compressed air for detector operations.

    MINICAMS Features:

    • Flameless detector
    • Small, lightweight, and simple to operate
    • Requires minimal routine maintenance
    • Small, stand-alone monitor for single or multiple sampling points in fi eld applications; suitable for selected vehicle mounted applications
    • Plug-in GC module
    • Networking communications hardware for large installations
    • Interface available for Facility Control System
    • Additional data acquisition and report features available with the addition of CHROM-LINK®
    • Multiple-analyte monitoring (up to eight compounds per MINICAMS)

  • Specifications
    Series 4000 MINICAMS Specifications  

    MINICAMS:   10" L x 12" W x 15" H
    Controller:    10.5" L x 6.5" W x 5.5" H

    MINICAMS:   20 lbs (9kg)
    Controller:    5 lbs (2.25 kg)
    Sampling Options
    • Solid adsorbent preconcentration -Vertical PCT with fan for enhanced trapping efficiency and faster PCT cool-down
    • Fixed-volume loop
    • Eight available compound gates
    XSD Sensitivity
    XSD Selectivity
    Picogram to nanogram sensitivity for chlorinated compounds
    High halogen to hydrocarbon selectivity to reduce interference
    Operating Requirements
    • Suitable Calibration Standards Required
    • Electrical Power - 120 VAC 50/60 hz
    Operating Gases
    Nitrogen or Helium
    Zero grade
    Zero grade
    Ambient Relative Humidity
    Operating Temperature
    0% - 95%
    15 ˚C to 40 ˚C
    GC Column

    Column ramps

    Standard 15 m
    Up to 200 ˚C
    Two programmable ramps available
    • Printer
    • Strip-chart recorder
    • 3 1/2" floppy disk drive
    • Three RS-232 serial communications ports
    • RS-485 port for communications with MINICAMS "Smart" accessories
    Optional Accessories
    • Stream Selection Systems
    • Continuous Sampling System
    • Low-Volume Sampler
    • Lewisite Sampling Option
    • CHROM-LINK® Data Aquisition System
    • CHROM-NET® Data Acquisition System
    • Heated Sample Lines
    • Preconcentrator Tubes

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