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Thank you for your interest in Royce Technologies.

All Royce analyzers and sensors have been discontinued. The support period for all Royce instrumentation has ended. 

Xylem is committed to providing you the most reliable, accurate instrumentation for continuous online monitoring within a municipal wastewater treatment plant. Although Royce Technologies is no longer available for new installations, Xylem’s IQ SensorNet platform offers a suitable and superior replacement for your Royce analyzers.

Please see the information below to help you determine which IQ SensorNet sensor would be a good replacement for your Royce instrument.

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YSI Recommended Replacements for Royce Products

We are here to assist you with selecting a replacement analyzer. Please contact us and one of our  experts will follow up with you to help determine which instrument best meets your requirements. We look forward to continuing to partner with you as your trusted instrumentation provider.

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Royce Total Suspended Solids Systems

Analyzer Models
7011A, 7110/7120

72A/P, 73B/P, 74A, 76A


Recommended Replacement:

IQ SensorNet
ViSolid sensor with
282 or 20203G controller.


Royce Interface Level Continuous monitor

Analyzer Model:

25DN, 25SN, 25SHE

Still Available: 711 portable TSS

Recommended Replacement:

IQ SensorNet
IFL sensor with
282 or 20203G controller.


Royce Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers

Analyzer Models:
9110/9120, 9200 and 9210/9220

95A, 96A, 99


Recommended Replacement:

IQ SensorNet
FDO Sensor with
282 or 20203G controller.



Cleaning Air Compressors JC-1, JC-2, and JC-4

Now available from YSI