Dissolved Oxygen Sensors and Probes

Dissolved oxygen sensors can be used in a wide variety of applications - surface water, aquaculture, groundwater, wastewater, and more! YSI offers two primary types of dissolved oxygen sensing technologies: optical-based sensors and the Clark electrochemical or membrane-covered electrode. Optical dissolved oxygen (ODO) sensors require no warmup time, so they can be used instantaneously. Additionally, these sensors do not require stirring or water movement for accurate dissolved oxygen measurements.

Electrochemical sensors (galvanic and polarographic) require more maintenance but offer faster response times and lower acquisition costs. To learn more about the measurement of dissolved oxygen, how dissolved oxygen sensors work, the differences between sensors, available DO meters, and which sensor is right for you, visit our resources or consult our lab, environmental, and municipal experts.


IQ SensorNet FDO® Dissolved Oxygen Probes

Optical Dissolved Oxygen probe for IQ SensorNet systems

$2,000.00 - $2,290.00

IQ SensorNet TriOxmatic Probes

Digital TriOxmatic® electrochemical dissolved oxygen sensors

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Optical Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature Sensor

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ODO Sensors for Monitoring and Control

Optical Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature Sensor for Aquaculture Continuous Monitoring and Control

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MultiLab IDS ProOBOD

Optical Self stirring BOD probe with temperature sensor, IDS

$1,163.76 - $1,352.00

EXO Optical Dissolved Oxygen Smart Sensor

EXO Optical Dissolved Oxygen Digital Smart Sensor


ProDSS ODO Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

ProDSS Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor


Pro Series Polarographic Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

YSI 2003 Polarographic Dissolved Oxygen sensor for the Pro Series (Yellow Membrane Kit)


Pro Series BOD Probe

Self-stirring BOD probe for use with the Pro20 and Pro Plus


Pro Series Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

YSI 2002 Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen sensor for the Pro Series


ProOBOD Optical BOD Probe

Self-Stirring Optical BOD Probe for ProODO and ProDSS instruments

$1,238.50 - $1,259.25

Pro Series Polarographic Dissolved Oxygen Sensor 2003B

Polarographic DO Sensor with Blue Membrane Kit


MultiLab FDO 4410 IDS Sensor

Fluorescent dissolved oxygen (FDO) probe with temperature sensor

$1,050.40 - $1,112.80

WQ401 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Dissolved Water Oxygen Level Sensor

$1,348.00 - $1,399.00

WQ-FDO Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

$1,929.00 - $1,948.00