2925 OPC Server Software

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The YSI 2925 OPC Server software presents data from the YSI 2920 OPC Data Manager or YSI 2940/2980 Online Monitor to other OPC clients.

  • Overview

    The YSI 2925 OPC Server is software that connects to and communicates with the YSI 2920 Data Manager, YSI 2940 Online Monitor, and/or YSI 2980 Online Monitor. The connection is web based and can be established across any network, including the internet. The YSI 2925 OPC Server uses Simple Object Access Protocol (SAOP) to exchange information with the online monitor and/or data manager. The YSI 2925 OPC Server presents the data generated by an integrated YSI 2900 or 2950 Analyzer so other OPC clients can access the information.

    • Software for YSI 2920, YSI 2940, and YSI 2980
    • Fully compliant OPC UA (Universal Architecture)
    • OPC Server only, communicates to OPC-enabled systems with OPC Client
    • Exports data into any OPC-enabled system

    The YSI 2925 OPC Server is installed on a separate PC from the YSI 2920/2940/2980 system.

  • Specifications

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