pH Meters

YSI offers pH meters for the laboratory or the field.  Whether you need portable pH meters, lab pH instruments or more economical pH testers you can find them here. 






MultiLab 4010-2
MultiLab 4010-3

The YSI MultiLab line includes the 4010-3 (three channel) and 4010-2 (dual channel) multiparameter instruments providing easy to use and calibrate menu-driven operation ideal for the laboratory.  All MultiLab instruments can accurately measure pH, ORP, conductivity, and DO/BOD with digital IDS sensors.  ISEs can also be connected to two and three channel instruments. 

YSI-1320P-TruLab-Meter-200x200.jpg YSI-1320-TruLab-Meter-200x200.jpg






TruLab pH/ISE 1320P
TruLab pH/ISE 1320 

Measure pH accurately in the laboratory with the YSI pH 1320 or 1320P with built-in printer.  The TruLab line is the ideal instrument for reliable pH measurements with automatic documentation for GLP compliance.  With a wide selection of electrodes, Continuous Monitoring Control function for monitoring the ideal measuring range for pH measurements, fast data transfer via USB with PC software, and 3-year warranty, the TruLab line is reliable and efficient. 

YSI-1310P-TruLab-Meter-200x200.jpg YSI-1310-TruLab-Meter-200x200.jpg






TruLab pH 1310
TruLab pH 1310P

The TruLab line also includes the single channel benchtop meters 1310 and 1310P for accurate pH/mV measurements with automatic documentation.  Stored data can be sent to a PC via USB or an optional built-in printer available on the 1310P. 







MultiLab 4010-1
MultiLab 4010P-1

The single channel options in the MultiLab line include the 4010-1 and 4010P-1 with IDS sensors that digitally process the measurement signal and store calibration data.  The Quality Sensor Control (QSC) system can monitor the condition of a pH electrode and graphically display the sensor status over time.  







Pro10 pH or ORP Instrument


TruLab pH 1110

The TruLab pH 1110 is a single channel benchtop meter for accurate, repeatable pH/mV measurements.  

The Pro10 pH Instrument is a versatile, rugged handheld meter that can be used in a lab or field setting for pH measurements. 







EcoSense pH10A Pen Tester


EcoSense pH100A Meter

YSI's EcoSense product line of compact handheld instruments includes the pH100A pH meter for simple, one handed operation for pH readings.  Designed specifically for spot sampling applications and with a low overall cost of ownership, the pH100A meter is a logical choice.   The pH10A is part of the EcoSense family of products and is the perfect instrument for economical spot sampling of pH and temperature. 


pH in Water - YSI knows pH

pH measurement in water.

Featured pH Products

TruLab pH/ISE 1320

Dual channel benchtop pH/ORP/ISE instrument


TruLab pH 1110

pH/mV single channel benchtop instrument with BNC and two banana plug connectors


EcoSense pH100A Meter

pH, mV, Temperature. Instrument Only


Pro10 pH or ORP Instrument

pH or mV (ORP) and Temperature Handheld Instrument. Meter Only.


MultiLab 4010-2

Two channel benchtop multiparameter instrument


IoLine - 3 in 1

IoLine - 3 in 1 Electrode


EcoSense pH10A Pen Tester

pH Temperature Pen Tester


MultiLab IDS 4110-3 pH and Temperature Sensor

Combination pH and temperature, Plastic, Gel filled, digital, double junction probe, 3 meter cable


Pro1020 Dissolved Oxygen and pH or ORP Instrument

Dissolved Oxygen, pH/mV and Temperature Handheld Instrument. Meter Only.


MultiLab IDS Kit

Laboratory instrument for pH, ORP, conductivity and BOD in any combination.

$1,320.00 - $3,055.00