Guide to Collecting Discharge Data with a SonTek ADCP - In Office Data

In Office Data Review | Chapter 7 | Guide to Collecting Discharge Data with a SonTek ADCP

Now that you're back in the office armed with data, this video will guide you through the post-processing journey. We'll cover essential topics like reviewing your configuration settings, conducting a thorough QA/QC review, determining moving bed conditions, and optimizing your data view workflow.

Dive into crucial decision-making processes, including choosing track and depth references, modifying key parameters, and applying LC/SMBA corrections for more accurate discharge data. Learn how to efficiently lock and compress data for archival purposes and explore tools like Extrap and beam switching for advanced processing. Delve into export options, including Matlab files for QRev, KMZ files, and enjoy a quick recap on stationary measurements. This post-processing orientation ensures you make the most of your ADCP data, confidently transforming it into valuable hydrological insights.