EXO Calibration - Central Wiper

EXO Calibration - Central Wiper

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EXO Calibration - Central Wiper

This video covers the calibration of the EXO Central Wiper using Kor Software.

Timestamps of specific moments of the video

  • 0:00 – Calibration

Video Transcript

In this video, we will calibrate the EXO Central Wiper.

In Kor, select the Wiper, then Calibrate. You can adjust the seating location by using the buttons to move the wiper to the Left, or move it to the Right. You want the wiper brush to be centered within the black housing, or brush guard.

Once you have the wiper in an optimal position, click Apply.

Kor Software will detect whether the voltage is in the correct range and if the wiper is seated properly.  

Our Central Wiper is now calibrated.

Please check out our other EXO U calibration videos, and thank you for watching.

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