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At YSI, we've developed a variety of instruments and integrated systems to help you manage your source water.  You can view some of our most popular solutions below.  More importantly, we employ experienced application specialists who can help you make the most out of your project.  From selecting the right sites to monitor to helping you deploy your new monitoring equipment—YSI can help you take your source water projects to the next level.

Solution #1



​The complete CastAway® Kit includes all the tools necessary to quickly profile your source water reservoir for Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth.  With very little training a user can take vertical profiles of salinity and temperature data which can be useful predictors of manganese and turnover events.  This is by far the most economical and easy-to-use source water solution.

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Solution #3

EMM68 - Harbor Buoy


Deploy an autonomous water quality platform to provide real-time data at your intake. This decision support tool can track changes in water quality day and night, and provide an early warning of events before they hit your pre-treatment filtering. This can give you minutes to hours of early indication as events occur; data is displayed in real-time on a website with options to integrate directly into your SCADA network.

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Solution #2

EXO2 Sonde - Monitoring Platform


​The EXO platform can be used to profile key water quality indicators in sourcewater including turbidity and algae. The EXO platform can complement a routine sampling program by allowing the field technician to sample more parameters in the same amount of time as traditional methods.  Turbidity can be used to target intake depths and algae can be an early warning to blooms that trigger taste and odor complaints. 

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Solution #4

6951 Pontoon - Vertical Profiling System


The YSI vertical profiling system coupled with the EXO water quality sonde is a proven solution adopted by many of the world's leading water utilities. The vertical profiler autonomously collects online water quality data throughout the water column to address concerns with water scarcity.  Out integrated solution will sample at up to 50 points in the reservoir and deliver information to operators through the optional SCADA interface kit.

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