EXO Cable Strain Relief Kit

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Taking the strain out of environmental monitoring.

  • Overview

    The EXO Cable Strain Relief is designed to add redundant protection to your Field CableFlying Lead Field Cable, or Vented Flying Lead Field Cable for EXO systems.

    Proper installation allows the 316 Stainless Steel (SS) parts to add additional support, and offers the best corrosion resistance currently available for your high-fouling monitoring application.

    Sustained Loading: 40 lb / 18.14 kg
    Max Short Term Loading (abrupt shock): 200 lb / 90.72 kg

  • Specifications
    Anti Fouling Corrosion resistant
    Cable Options EXO Field Cable, EXO Flying Lead Cable, EXO Vented Field Cable
    Equipment used with EXO2 Sonde and Field Cable
    Material 316 Stainless Steel parts, Xenoy plastic cable grip
    Monitoring Yes
    Sampling Yes
    User Replaceable Yes

    2 years

    Weight Sustained Loading: 40 lb / 18.14 kg, Max Short Term Loading: 200 lb / 90.72 kg

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