IQ SensorNet Cleaning Air Box

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The IQ SensorNet Cleaner Air Box is a sensor cleaning solution that uses compressed air to clean IQ SensorNet Sensors

  • Overview

    Why use air cleaning? 
    Sensors within wastewater can foul quickly due to high solids and biological growth. In some applications, manual cleaning may be required frequently to maintain accuracy. Automatic cleaning systems, such as air cleaning, can reduce cleaning requirements and extend the time between maintenance.

    The IQ SensorNet Cleaner Air Box provides airblast cleaning to process sensors using a built in compressor. This powerful cleaning solution extends maintenance periods and ensures that the IQ SensorNet sensors are gathering accurate and reliable data to help optimize process efficiency. This air box can support one sensor.

    Need a more powerful solution?
    That's okay, YSI has you covered. Check out our Cleaning Air Compressor Box! This multichannel cleaning air box can support the cleaning of up to four sensors. It comes equipped with a powerful compressor that has an output of 65-85 psi!

    Improve Operational Efficiency with Continuous Data. Learn more about the full IQ SensorNet system here.

  • Specifications

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