Pro Series Conductivity Field Cable

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The 60530 cable allows for the measurement of conductivity, specific conductance, salinity, total dissolved solids and temperature. 

  • Overview

    The 60530 conductivity cable can be ordered in lengths of 1-, 4-, 10-, 20-, and 30-meters. Cables come with the sensor built directly into the cable so there is no need to order a conductivity sensor. Cables over 1-meter also come with the 603062 cable management kit.

    The 60530 conductivity cables ONLY work with the Pro Plus and Pro30 instruments. Cables must be ordered separately from the instrument.

    • 60530-1; 1-m cable for conductivity/salinity/temp
    • 60530-4; 4-m cable for conductivity/salinity/temp
    • 60530-10; 10-m cable for conductivity/salinity/temp
    • 60530-20; 20-m cable for conductivity/salinity/temp
    • 60530-30; 30-m cable for conductivity/salinity/temp

  • Specifications
    Equipment used with Pro30, Professional Plus

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