Proper maintenance of a water monitoring site is the surest way to get high quality data.  Whether you’re planning your monitoring program, or need a better strategy for your existing one, in this webinar YSI’s experts will help you think through your installation to minimize maintenance demands in the future. 

Real-world examples will cover:

  • Site-specific considerations and project planning
  • How the selection of technology during site planning will affect long-term maintenance needs
  • Routine practices for keeping your station operating smoothly once it is installed
  • Options for taking care of very remote sites, or even nearby sites, when you have limited personnel

Meet the Team!

  Outdoor Water Monitoring Specialist

Kerry Hubbard is an Outdoor Water Monitoring Specialist with over 10 years of experience in the field.  She operates and supports instruments for water quality and level, and data telemetry from remote sites throughout North America.

  Field Installations and Services Manager

James Caison is YSI’s Manager of Field Installations and Services.  He has overseen the construction, integration and commissioning of water monitoring sites throughout the Americas, and his team also maintains sites for customers.