TO Karl Fischer Headspace Oven

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The TO Karl Fischer Headspace Oven allows for simple execution of the headspace oven technique, which permits the separation of the water to be titrated from liquid, solid and pasty samples.

The advantage of this method is the sample avoids direct contact with the solvent and anolytes. The anolytes prevented from being contaminated. Therefore more samples can be analyzed compared to direct analysis.

  • Overview

    YSI Titration 7280 Karl Fischer Headspace Oven

    Alleviate your Laboratory Staff of Manual Procedures

    Our TO 7280 Karl Fischer Headspace  Oven with the TitroLine 7500 KF trace can alleviate your laboratory staff of most manual procedures such as sample preparation, data collection, calculations, and more.

    This system is perfect for laboratories with low sample throughputs which do not require the need for an autosampler. All you have to do is place the sample vial in the oven, assign a sample name, record the weight, and press start.

    Key Features

    The TO 7280 Karl Fischer Headspace Oven is built to streamline Coulometric Karl Fischer sample preparation and provides several adjustable features that include:

    YSI Titration Temperature RangesTemperature ranges from 35oC to 280oC (isothermal).

    YSI Titration Automatic Air Supply Automatically triggered air supply (on/off).

    YSI Titration Sample PrepCompatible sample vials, 5 ml sample volume.

    YSI Titration | KF AutosamplersOptional pairing with TW 7650 KF Autosampler.

  • Specifications
    Headspace Oven Specifications  
    Sample Dosing Headspace Vials (5 ml…)
    Measuring Range 1 μg to 100 mg absolute
    Resolution 0.1 μg
    Reproducibility +/- 3 μg for 10 to 10000 μg 0.3% fpr > 1 mg
    Temperature Range 35 C to 280 C (isothermal)
    Resolution 1 K
    Power supply 115 to 230 V, 50/60 Hx
    Power Input 250 W
    Dimensions 300 x 450 x 240 mm (WxHxD)
    Weight 7 kg
    Ambient Conditions Ambient temperature + 10 to 40C for operational storage

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