RFM330-M Digital Refractometer

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Digital Refractometer

  • Overview

    Digital Refractometer with Peltier Temperature Control

    The RFM330-M is a digital refractometer with 3-decimal / 0-100 Brix (1.58 RI) scales and Peltier control. Perfect for measurement and control in demanding food, beverage, chemical, and industrial applications. The RFM330-M is capable of measuring non-homogenous samples like fruit juice with pulp.

    Key Features:

    • Tactile & robust keypad
    • Flat prism surface for easy cleaning
    • Wide beam scan for non-homogenous samples
    • Three decimal place Brix precision* (6 d.p. RI)

    Ergonomically Designed

    The instrument’s case is designed to be easy to use, clean, and move. With the sloping shape of the casing, spills are directed and captured easily.  

    With a durable membrane made from scratch-resistant polyester, the RFM300-M offers a more tactile approach, allowing users to navigate menus at the touch of a button. The large buttons facilitate operation on the instrument, making navigation and operation of the instrument streamlined and easy to use.

    RFID Technology

    RFID swipe technology comes standard on all Bellingham + Stanley instruments, which provides clearance and a running log of work functions. This is useful for all FDA-regulated environments operating in accordance with 21 CFR Part 11.

  • Specifications

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