KorEXO Version 2

Explore the new features and functionality of KorEXO Software with Zack Henderson, EXO Assistant Product Manager.

The Next Generation of EXO Software

KorEXO v2 is the most accessible, feature-rich software platform for managing EXO instrumentation and water quality data. Discover the benefits of v2:

Easy Navigation – The interface has been streamlined for efficient operation.
Auto Data Download – New data is downloaded as soon as an instrument is connected.
SmartQC™ Indicators – It is more obvious than ever if any sensors need attention.
Quick Cal – Redo or add calibration points on the fly with guided instructions and tips.
Advanced Traceability – Fixed calibration files include detailed metadata.

Optimized to perform on computers and tablets with Windows OS, KorEXO combines power with a simple interface. Be sure to let us know what you think by using the 'Provide Feedback' button on this page or on the Home screen of the software.

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