KorEXO 2.0 [Software BETA]

KOR 2.0 Beta-Testing Launch Guide

In this video, Brandon Smith (Product Manager, YSI) explains the details of participating in the KOR 2.0 Beta-Testing launch.

Welcome to the KorEXO software BETA!

Over the past year, our engineers have been hard at work developing a new software platform for the EXO product line.  Now's your chance to provide your feedback to our team!

Try to calibrate. Try to deploy a sonde... But most importantly, let us know what you think of what we've come up with using the 'Provide Feedback' button on this page or on the Home screen of the software.

Provide Feedback    Known Issues List [PDF]

Disclaimer: This beta software licensed hereunder is believed to contain defects and a primary purpose of this beta testing license is to obtain feedback on software performance and the identification of instability. Licensee is advised to safeguard important data, to use caution and not to rely in any way on the correct functioning or performance of the software and accompanying materials.