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Hydrosphere™ is a scalable collaborative data visualization platform for outdoor water monitoring. Empower your organization and all data stakeholders by:

  • Telling your data's story with customizable graphs, tables and dashboards
  • Never miss an event with data-driven alarms and customizable escalation
  • Defining roles and access to your data with personalized credentials for each user
  • Building networks of monitoring sites
  • Creating public websites for visualization of curated data

Available in early 2020, the earliest adopters of HydroSphere will be engaged in its ongoing development, which will include the ability to customize each user's experience.

  • Overview
  • Specifications
    Equipment used with DL6 Data Logger, DL 1000X Data Logger, Storm3 Data Logger, DL300 Data Logger, DL310 Data Logger
  • Video

    HydroSphere Training Video 1 | Logging In

    Hydrosphere is a scalable collaborative data visualization platform for outdoor water monitoring. This is the training video about Logging In.

    HydroSphere Training Video 7 | Contacts

    HydroSphere Training Video 5 | Alarms

    HydroSphere Training Video 9 | Manage

    HydroSphere Training Video 2 | Dashboard

    HydroSphere Training Video 3 | Accounts and Users

    HydroSphere Training Video 10 | Public URL

    HydroSphere Training Video 6 | Data Exports

    HydroSphere Training Video 4 | Sites and Networks

    HydroSphere Training Video 8 | Remote Server

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