YSI Webinar | Remote Data Collection - How Environmental Scientists Work From Home

Working from home can work for everyone doing environmental monitoring! Learn how COVID-19 has changed how we think about working from home, and remote monitoring tools like HydroSphere™ can keep your data flowing.

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HydroSphere™ is a scalable collaborative data visualization platform for outdoor water monitoring. Empower your organization and all data stakeholders by:

  • Telling your data's story with customizable graphs, tables and dashboards
  • Never miss an event with data-driven alarms and customizable escalation
  • Defining roles and access to your data with personalized credentials for each user
  • Building networks of monitoring sites
  • Creating public websites for visualization of curated data

The earliest adopters of HydroSphere will be engaged in its ongoing development, which will include the ability to customize each user's experience.

  • Overview
  • Specifications
    Equipment used with DL6 Data Logger, DL 1000X Data Logger, Storm3 Data Logger, DL300 Data Logger, DL310 Data Logger
  • New Features!

    We routinely make updates and improvements to HydroSphere, based on customer feedback. At least once a year, we will add a video that highlights the most asked about features. Let us know in the chat box on the bottom right-hand corner of this page if you’d like to make some recommendations!

  • Status

    There is no planned maintenance at this time.

  • Video

    HydroSphere Training Video 1 | Logging In

    Hydrosphere is a scalable collaborative data visualization platform for outdoor water monitoring. This is the training video about Logging In.

    HydroSphere Training Video 2 | Dashboard

    HydroSphere Training Video 3 | Accounts and Users

    HydroSphere Training Video 4 | Sites and Networks

    HydroSphere Training Video 5 | Alarms

    HydroSphere Training Video 6 | Data Exports

    HydroSphere Training Video 7 | Contacts

    HydroSphere Training Video 8 | Remote Server

    HydroSphere Training Video 9 | Manage

    HydroSphere Training Video 10 | Public URL

    How to Backfill Data in HydroSphere

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