How Water Quality Sensors Work

5- Part Series on How Sensors Work

The Cleveland Water Alliance and YSI, a Xylem brand, are proud to offer this educational series on sensing technologies for all students of water quality, from undergraduates to professionals.

In each webinar, an expert from YSI will describe why it is important to monitor for each parameter, how monitoring technologies for that parameter have evolved, and the underlying principles of how they work. Real-world examples will then describe how each sensor type operates in practice, revealing benefits or limitations that all users should understand. Each webinar also includes a Q&A section with attendees.

View the entire webinar series:

How Algae Sensors Work

How Turbidity Sensors Work

How Conductivity Sensors Work

How pH & ORP Sensors Work

How DO Sensors Work

Blog Posts Inspired by the Q&A

How Algae Sensors Work | Answers to Four Challenging Questions

Dr. Stephanie A. Smith | Jul 23, 2019

Answers to four challenging questions that arose from a recent webinar titled "How Algae Sensors Work". We address application-level questions so as to broaden the scope of the...Read the Full Story

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