Exclusive Event: YSI Technology Reveal

Begins: 02 Sep 2020 2:00 PM ET
Ends: 02 Sep 2020 3:00 PM ET
Presenter(s): Lisa Landry, Kerry Hubbard, Zack Henderson


Feel in the dark about nutrient monitoring?

The EXO NitraLED UV Nitrate Sensor is here to help!

The increasing effects of nutrient pollution on our world can’t be ignored. Learn about new, cutting-edge technology from YSI that will revolutionize nutrient monitoring.

In this webinar, we shine a light on:

  • The importance of nutrient monitoring and impacts on our world
  • Challenges researchers face today with collecting nutrient data
  • The future of nutrient monitoring programs
  • New, ground-breaking technology from YSI that will change nutrient monitoring forever!
  • Also, be sure to stick around for an informative Q&A at the end


Nutrient Monitoring Technology

   Technical Sales Representative

Lisa Landry joined YSI in August of 2015 in a technical sales and support role. Here at YSI, she works with various Federal, State, and municipal governments on their water monitoring needs, conducts training, and assists with field operations. She also assists industrial clients with their monitoring needs to improve efficiency and meet their states' permitting requirements.

Before joining YSI, Lisa worked for the government in Louisiana as a Watershed Specialist & Biologist. She has a B.S. and M.S. in Biological Sciences from Southeastern Louisiana University.

Nutrient Monitoring

  Outdoor Water Monitoring Specialist

Kerry Hubbard joined YSI in 2018 in an application specialist role. At YSI, she collaborates with our R&D teams to field-test all new technological developments in water quality. Also, she regularly assists customers with technical support and data collection questions.

Before working at YSI, Kerry spent nearly nine years with the United States Geological Survey, supporting their urban hydrology program. She has a B.S. in Earth & Atmospheric Sciences from Georgia Institute of Technology, with a focus on environmental science.

Nutrient Monitoring

  Product Manager, Environmental Monitoring

Zack Henderson joined YSI in 2017 in a product management role. At YSI, Zack spearheads the development of new products and platforms for YSI’s Environmental Monitoring business. He works extensively with our R&D department to create cutting-edge technology for water quality monitoring.

Prior to joining YSI, Zack worked for an environmental consultant as an applications engineer, while also managing the rental and repair of various water quality instruments. He has a B.S. in International Business from Wright State University.

Nutrient Monitoring

  Marketing Operations Manager

Brandon Smith joined YSI in 2012 as the assistant product manager for our EXO Sonde Platform and has since moved into a marketing operations role for our business. At YSI, Brandon supports the launch of new technology through engaging customer events like this exclusive technology reveal!

Before joining YSI, Brandon worked for the City of Dayton Water Department and General Electric's Appliance Division. He has a B.S. in Biological Sciences and an MBA from the University of Kentucky.

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