Preventing Fouling of Online Wastewater Sensors

Begins: 23 Mar 2017 1:30 PM EDT
Ends: 23 Mar 2017 2:30 PM EDT
Presenter(s): Dr. Robert Smith, YSI Applications Engineer – Wastewater



Fouling is a common cause of measurement error which is preventable by probe design and with proper maintenance.  The challenge, as with all types of equipment, is to learn the technology sufficiently to know what steps to take to achieve reliable measurements without excessive effort.  This webinar will explain the technology for monitoring important wastewater process parameters with optical sensors and describe best practices for obtaining reliable, trouble-free, long-term ownership of process optical sensors, especially for monitoring solids.  The information presented will include benchtop demonstrations of a novel ultrasonic cleaning mechanism and a full-scale demonstration of the effectiveness of UltraClean™ technology incorporated into an IQ SensorNet ViSolid® solids probe.

Watch the Recorded Webinar.

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