MultiLab Wireless Module Kit

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Kit with WA-S wireless sensor module, WA-M wireless meter module, charger for WA-S modules, and USB power supply

  • Overview

    Includes one WA-S wireless sensor module, one WA-M wireless meter module, one charger for WA-S modules, and one USB power supply.

    Wireless MultiLab probes do not include a WA-S wireless sensor module.

    One WA-S wireless sensor module must be installed at the top of each wireless sensor, while one WA-M wireless meter module is needed per MultiLab meter. We suggest the MultiLab WA Kit if wireless sensors will be used.

    Wireless sensors can only be used with the MultiLab 4010-1W, MultiLab 4010-2W, and the MultiLab 4010-3W. Wireless sensors can be used with the MultiLab 4010-1 if the latest instrument firmware has been installed - see the Software and Firmware Downloads page.

    Please see the MultiLab Ordering Guide if ordering a complete system, or contact us if you have any questions.

  • Specifications
    Equipment used with MultiLab Instruments and Sensors

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