3360+ Autosampler

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Low Cost Autosampler

  • Overview

    Designed for any laboratory wanting to improve efficiency and sample throughput. The 3360+ is low cost, easy to use and ideal for your sampling needs.

    Our 3360+ Autosampler combines all the features you need to meet a wide variety of sampling requirements, including those for Storm water, rivers and streams, industrial discharge, water and waste water treatment and mining.

    Every feature of the 3360+ Autosampler is designed to simplify analysis and save time.

    Put the most reliable, longest-lasting autosampler to work in your lab for the seemingly endless demands of sample analyses. Whether your lab is small, mid-sized, or very large, there’s a model to meet your needs!

    The autosampler offers:

    • Carbon fiber arm and z-drive
    • Polymer cover, base and sample tray
    • No exposed metal parts
    • Flowing rinse station with on-board
    • peristaltic pump
    • 10 standards positions for 50 mL vials
    • Flexible sample rack configurations
    • Fast, quiet operation

    Sample Size. The 3360+ Autosampler can hold 180 samples ranging from 0.1 – 80 mL / min.

    Advanced Design. Broad chemical compatibility, wide ranging flow capabilities, dual rinse stations, and advanced pump technology.

    High Movement Profile. Precise, configurable XYZ movement with expansive speed options.

  • Specifications

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