Trace Metal Digestion Unit

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Gerhardt's Trace Metal Digestion Unit automates reproducible digestions of sludge, sediment, and soil samples with aqua regia, making trace metal analysis a simple laboratory task.

  • Overview

    The Trace Metal Digestion Unit is a block system for the digestion of 8 or 20 sludge, sediment, or soil samples with aqua regia for trace metals analysis. The system automatically monitors and controls time and temperature parameters for reproducible digestions. 

    This unit is equipped with a motor driven two-tier console that provides safe, convenient lifting and lowering of the vessel rack. The racks and frame are coated to be acid-resistant. The onboard controller stores up to 9 different programs. Manual and automatic versions are available.

    Trace Metal Digestion Unit Features:

    • Automatically monitors and controls time and temperature parameters
    • Acid-resistant racks and frames
    • Onboard controller stores up to 9 different programs

  • Specifications
    Unit (with Lift) Specifications    


    Heating places 8 20
    Size of tube [ml] 250 250
    Temperature max. [°C] 240 240
    Programs 91) 91)
    Nominal wattage [W] 1160 2360
    Dimensions W / D / H [mm] 470 / 415 / 10002) 470 / 530 / 10002)
    Weight [kg] 32 46
    Nominal voltage [VAC] 230 / 115 230 / 115
    Frequency [Hz] 50 - 603) 50 - 603)


    Unit (without Lift) Specifications  


    Heating places 8
    Size of tube [ml] 250
    Temperature max. [°C] 430
    Nominal wattage [W] 1000
    Dimensions W / D / H [mm] 415 / 415 / 1150
    Weight [kg] 29
    Nominal voltage [VAC] 230 / 115
    Frequency [Hz] 50 - 60

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